We offer a full range of dental services for adults and children. We employ experienced dentists with all specialties in dentistry. We have modern dental offices, high-end dental equipment and materials, and conduct innovative methods of dental treatment.

Dental review

Dental inspection is used to assess the condition of the teeth. Performed systematically every six months, it allows early diagnosis and treatment of caries.

Dental treatment

Dental treatment includes treatment of simple caries and root canal treatment.

Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry (pedodontics) involves proper preparation of the young patient and the proper conduct of the adaptation visit. These are extremely important factors that shape the child's later attitude towards dental treatment.

Dental surgery

Dental surgery, is not only the removal of teeth, but a range of procedures involving the oral cavity, including procedures that support other areas of dentistry, such as endodontics, prosthodontics, orthodontics and implantology.


Prosthodontics deals with the restoration of single and multiple missing teeth. The loss of even one tooth is not indifferent to the entire masticatory system.


Orthodontics, is a branch of dentistry that deals with the correction of abnormally (crooked) positioned teeth, treatment of malocclusion, maxillofacial defects and broadly defined prevention. A huge range of different methods of orthodontic treatment means that today this treatment can be carried out on any patient, regardless of age. However, the choice of treatment method depends on the age of the patient, the type and severity of the defect.

Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses all dental activities aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and face. This includes veneers and teeth whitening, as well as implants, scaling , sandblasting, and even orthodontics or prosthodontics services.


Tartar, is a mineralized layer of plaque, which is a sticky and colorless layer of bacteria and carbohydrates that constantly forms on teeth and is the main cause of carious cavities and gum disease.


Dental sandblasting (plaque removal) is one of the basic cosmetic and preventive procedures. It involves the removal of all deposits from the teeth using a so-called sandblaster, a special device that directs a stream of dental sand onto the teeth.

Caries prevention

Prophylaxis of caries of deciduous and permanent teeth is aimed at protecting teeth from the development of caries. Depending on the type and location of teeth, we use varnishing, varnishing and lapis.

X-ray, Pantomogram, RVG

Our patients can perform the following diagnostic examination in our offices:

1. dental x-ray
2. RVG (radiovisiography).
3. pantomogram (otherwise known as a pantomographic or panoramic photo of the teeth).Pantomogram simultaneously visualizes all teeth, including those that are not visible in the mouth (retained), as well as the surrounding tissues (alveolar bone tissue, maxillary sinuses, mandibular processes).