This is a new offering for anyone concerned about a healthy, youthful appearance and well-being. Cosmetology is now a cutting-edge field of dermatology, dedicated to enhancing and restoring beauty. We offer a wide range of treatments designed to delay skin aging by improving firmness and elasticity. 

Treatments are based on modern technologies, used in reputable offices around the world. They are performed by experienced cosmetologists , also prepared to cooperate with a dermatologist in the field of care of lesional skin.

Price list

  • RF micro-needling 500 zł    
  • Fractional thermolifting 300 zł    
  • Radio wave price 150 zł     
  • Hyaluronic infusion price 170 zł    
  • Hydrogen purification 160 zł    
  • Needleless mesotherapy 150 zł    
  • Cavitation liposuction 150 zł    
  • Cavitation peeling with mask 120 zł    
  • Acids 140 zł