Hydrotherapy (hydrotherapy ) is a method of stimulus treatment involving the external application of water. The basis of the therapeutic effect is the appropriate temperature of the water and the pressure used according to the type of therapy. Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries as a form of stress relief and a form of treatment.

Underwater massage is a hydrotherapeutic treatment designed to relax specific muscle parts and congest tissues.

The extraordinary properties of water are used in many therapeutic treatments. These include water massage (otherwise known as hydromassage).

A whirlpool bath is a form of gentle massage. This therapy uses for therapeutic purposes the influence of warm water and its mechanical effects associated with whirling movements.

Carbonic acid anhydride, contained in water, is released on the skin in the form of gas bubbles and causes many changes in the body by dilating arterial and venous capillaries. This is followed by a reduction in blood pressure.

They involve inhaling a therapeutic aerosol. The following are used for aerosol therapy: mineral waters, oils, medicines, other therapeutic agents.

This is a bath with the addition of essential oils, which are components of many herbs. The effect of aromatic baths is complex.

A treatment involving bathing in water into which air is injected under pressure. The bath is performed on the basis of therapeutic waters with a temperature of 35-37 °C.

The treatments involve pouring a concentrated or fan-shaped stream of water over the body, alternating between different types of showers. Scottish whips are an extremely beneficial method for treating many ailments.