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Program badań profilaktycznych 40+ do 30.06.2024

January 4, 2023 pancake Comments Off on

Prophylaxis 40 PLUS is a program of free preventive examinations for all Polish men and women over the age of 40. The goal of the program is to increase the number of people performing such examinations, early detection of diseases and disorders and prevention of their development.
During the pandemic, the availability of medical care and tests offered by the National Health Fund was limited, which is why it is now so important to compensate for this time and perform preventive examinations. Early detection of diseases means a greater chance of effective treatment. It is worth taking advantage of it!
To further encourage preventive examinations, we are launching a raffle with attractive prizes. It is open to all those who have benefited from the Prevention 40 PLUS program. In addition to the prize, which is health, it will be possible to receive a material prize. For more information about the program and the lottery, visit:,