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This is the fourth branch of Luxmed-Uzdrowisko Nałęczów. Located in the center of Naleczow, at 5 Poniatowskiego Street, the clinic offers a full range of dental services for children and adults. There are three well-equipped offices available to patients, with eleven dentists.

High-quality dental equipment and materials, innovative methods of treating teeth, all this makes Luxmed Dentistry the largest and most modern facility of its kind in Naleczow and the surrounding area.

The facility treats simple and advanced caries. High-quality light-cured, chemically-cured and colored fillings for children are used. Especially worth recommending is the modern method of treating teeth, the so-called abrasion. It is now becoming a standard method of fighting caries, and its undoubted advantage is the minimization of pain during cavity preparation.

As part of treatments for children, it is worth knowing that the clinic provides prevention of decay of deciduous and permanent teeth - sealing, varnishing and prevention of malocclusion. Treating children's teeth requires a unique approach and skills from the doctor, so it is important that dentists with extensive experience in working with children work here.

In the field of dental surgery, extractions of permanent, deciduous and retained teeth are carried out, as well as other surgical procedures, such as frenectomy, root tip resection, removal of tooth buds, bringing back retained teeth, removal of mucosal lesions. These procedures should absolutely be performed in an oral surgery office by a good dentist. This ensures patient safety and minimizes complications.

Convenient for patients is the fact that X-ray or RVG (radiovisiography) of the tooth , as well as pantomgraphy can be performed on site. Diagnostics of this kind are essential for surgical procedures, prosthetic or orthodontic work.

Among the services offered, the diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion in children and adults should not be overlooked. Remember that malocclusion left untreated is not only a defect of beauty, but results in health problems.

Adults will certainly be interested in the prosthodontics offerings. A full range of dental restorations - crowns and bridges made of the best quality materials - are a comfortable solution for patients missing one or a few teeth. When multiple teeth are missing, perfectly fitting dentures made of new, including flexible materials, will provide comfort and give a nice cosmetic effect.


And since we pay attention to aesthetics, you can benefit from teeth whitening or stain removal treatments. To thoroughly clean the teeth of tartar, you can choose the scaling method, and for the removal of plaque - the sandblasting method.

There are many ways to have healthy, white teeth. During a medical consultation, an experienced dentist will certainly advise you on the best solution.

Abrasion - an innovative method of treating tooth decay. It is referred to as a non-contact method, and this means that when developing even deep cavities there is no friction, vibration, irritation, and the pain reaction is reduced to a minimum.

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